Snowball Internet gets a new name

With all the changes in digital services over the past few years, it became evident that as a business we needed to move with the changes to support our clients.

We are excited to announce that Snowball Internet has now been re-branded under Klim3.

Why the change?


Under the Snowball Internet brand, we were more of a product based company where we offered separate services in website design, search engine optimisation, Google Adwords, Facebook Ad management etc.

However, in today’s digital landscape, these services don’t operate independently; you need to harness all these services to get the real benefit available to grow your business.

As a new brand under Klim3, our primary focus is to support small businesses to take advantage of all the tools and services available to them and take their business to market in this new digital savvy world.

Our preference, is a work-with-you, approach; where we show you everything you need to know to grow your business online.
We also offer a done-for-you approach, but still insist that we work closely with the business owner to understand what we do, why and how to measure this.
If your website is not generating leads; if you are not growing as a small business online or if your existing efforts and not getting the results you know are available, then Klim3 is here to help.