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The internet is an excellent resource to market your business to a huge audience. Taking advantage of online marketing incentives should not be overlooked by any business today.

Our internet marketing division provides comprehensive solutions for maximising your website traffic by optimising your site for search engines such as Google and Yahoo. We work with you to determine which search terms are used by your prospective customers.

To help you enter this market, we have some packaged options. There is no need to commit for a long period. A minimum of 3 months is our base requirement and then we review and asses your services on a monthly basis.

Typical packages are listed below, custom packages are also available.

Paid Advertising (Pay Per Click or PPC)

Our expert team of trained and experienced internet marketers will handle all your online advertising campaigns.

  • We compile a detailed keyword analysis, where we review what keywords people are searching for on the Internet using REAL data.
  • We start by running Google Advertising, we fine tune your campaigns based on your clients response. We review your headlines to make sure the right people are clicking your advertisements to maximise your leads (and the quality of those leads).
  • We review your campaign regularly to take advantage of market changes.
  • You advise us of your daily budget to ensure you get the best return on investment.
  • We continuously advise you on industry best practice technique.
  • We provide tracking of all marketing efforts (both online and offline) to ensure a good return on investment.

There’s no need to commit to a long period. A Minimum of 3 months is the base requirement and then a review of the service is done on a month by month basis.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our Search Engine Optimisation division provides a fully featured, comprehensive and continuous consultancy role as your dedicated partner for maximising your search engine traffic. We work together to determine which search terms are used by your prospective customers.

  • We’ll sort these into easy and hard phrases. We’ll be seeking to acquire top results for the easy phrases immediately.
  • We send you an exhaustive list of changes required to your website structure and keyword density, so your website is better optimised for these terms.
  • Your initial optimisation will be for the easier phrases. You get a return on investment as soon as possible.
  • As these phrases go 1st in the results, we will recommend new changes to your website copy, so it becomes optimised for the harder phrases.
  • We invite related websites to link to your website, creating the all important link popularity that drives high search engine results. These sites might ask you to reciprocate their promotion of your website.

We have a dedicated person whose sole responsibility is to cycle through our customers pursuing good places to promote their sites and acquire links.

Automated link submission software is damaging to your search engine positioning and will never be used to get your links. We’re especially looking for the new ‘expert links’, as required by Google’s latest algorithm change. By acquiring expert links, your placement in the search results will leave your competitors a long way behind. We’ll keep working on expanding your link popularity by making sure you are listed on relevant directories and, if required we will make recommendations about updating your website copy on a month on month basis. There’s no need to commit to a long period. A minimum of 3 months is the base requirements and then a review of the service is done on a month by month basis.

SEO Research and Strategy Report

At Snowball Internet Marketing, we offer a unique Search Engine Review Report. This report will highlight the Search Engine Optimisation options available and report on all the changes required (both on and off page) to start the Search Engine Optimisation practices.

The services include:

  • Detailed keyword analysis.
  • Detailed keyword research.
  • Keyword relevancy analysis.
  • Niche keyword selection.
  • Website competition analysis based on selected keywords.
  • Current website review and analysis in terms on on-page optimisation factors.
  • Website linking opportunities.

The output will be a report on:

  • Selected master keywords.
  • Selected niche keywords.
  • Descriptive changes to be made to the website.
  • Website linking partner options. Descriptive strategies to further Search Engine Optimisation services.

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